Current Projects

Drawings of different butterfly patterns

Heliconius wing patterns

Team: Tanya Berger-Wolf, Harry Chao, Anuj Karpatne, Daniel Rubenstein, Yu Su, Reshma Ramesh Babu, Jihyung Kil, Christopher Lawrence, Luke Song, Yael Stochel

Seven zebras in Botswana grasslands


Team: Tanya Berger-Wolf, Tessa Cotron, Daniel Rubenstein, Scott Wolf

Black-blotch porcupine fish


Team: Henry L. Bart Jr., Anuj Karpatne, Paula Mabee, Meghan Balk, Kelly Diamond, Mohannad Elhamod, M. Maruf

Simple graphic representing the tree of life


Team: Josef Uyeda, Nicholas Bone, Bailey Howell, Diego Porto

Bat skulls

3D Morphometrics

Team: A. Murat Maga, Sara Rolfe, Chi Zhang

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Our approach 

Knowledge from biological ontologies,

leveraging the structure they impose,

together with multiple imaging formats and other data

to fuel the development of next generation of Knowledge-Guided Machine Learning models that are more interpretable, transferable, robust, and label- and sample-efficient,

expanding the role of ML in addressing the most challenging biology problems, forming a virtuous cycle.