From images to biological traits through the power of biology-guided machine learning

A new field of Imageomics: Collaborative research, training, and community-facing environment for extracting existing and new biological traits from images of organisms, with the necessary cyber-, information, and model development infrastructure.

Images are the most abundant source for documenting life on the planet, and yet traits of organisms cannot be readily extracted from them. The analysis of traits, the integrated products of genes and environment, is critical for biologists to predict effects of environmental change or genetic manipulation and to understand the significance of patterns in the two billion year evolutionary history of life.

How imageomics integrates with data, structured biological knowledge bases and communities of practice


  • Digital resources for the scientific community and practitioners in biology, data science, and ML
  • Advancements in Imageomics-enabled biology
  • Innovations in machine learning
  • Advancements in interdisciplinary training and education
  • Engagement of the broader public in the scientific process by leveraging images as the source of data to democratize science
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