Publication Acknowledgements

NSF Support Acknowledgements

When citing research supported by Imageomics Institute in any publication (e.g., papers, posters, and conference presentations), please use the following language:

Option 1: This work was supported by the NSF OAC 2118240 award: "HDR Institute: Imageomics: A New Frontier of Biological Information Powered by Knowledge-Guided Machine Learning"

Option 2: This work was supported by the NSF OAC 2118240 Imageomics Institute award.

This format adheres to NSF's acknowledgement requirements as outlined in NSF's PAPPG.

Imageomics Acknowledgements in Publications

To effectively track the impact of Imageomics as a discipline, it is recommended to mention "Imageomics" in at least two key places within every publication:

  1. Title and/or Abstract:

    • Integrate "Imageomics" into the title or abstract to immediately highlight the association with the discipline.
  2. Key words:

    • All publications should include "Imageomics" in the key words section.

By consistently incorporating "Imageomics" in these prominent sections, the visibility and recognition of the discipline will be enhanced, facilitating better tracking of its impact across various publications.