Imageomics Debut's with Inaugural Workshop at 2024 AAAI Conference


We are excited to announce that we have been invited to host a workshop this upcoming February 26th at the AAAI 2024 Conference, which marks the 38th installment of the Conference on Artificial Intelligence organized by AAAI. During this event, in what will be our inaugural workshop, our team of experts will draw upon research from various domains to delve into our project centered on the subject of Discovering Biological Knowledge from Images using AI.

This year’s collaborative bridge theme of AAAI presents an ample opportunity for communities, such as the Imageomics Institute, to showcase the potential of interdisciplinary research within the realm of AI/ML. The goal of this year's theme is to bring together communities who are working towards a common goal in the sphere of AI.

We are thrilled to be a part of this collective and are anticipating the opportunity to share our ongoing research on the utilization of AI for the recognition of biological traits from images. This work represents a significant step forward in our continually expanding field of Imageomics.

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