New i2insights Publication on the Art of Organizing an All-hands Meeting

Posted: September 14, 2023

What makes a good all-hands meeting? What is an all-hands meeting? Find the answer to these questions and learn about how our  team of social scientists, Dr. Gemma Jiang, Diane Boghrat, and Jenny Grabmeier, begin the planning and implementation process for our annual all-hands meeting in their recent blog post on i2insights.

"What is an “all-hands” meeting? What’s required to assemble an effective planning team? What should the planning team consider in setting parameters for the meeting?

What is an “all-hands” meeting?

Here we consider all-hands meetings in the context of our experience with a large cross-disciplinary institute, where members are geographically distributed. An annual all-hands meeting is an effective mechanism many such organizations employ to bring all members together in person.

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