Dr. Berger-Wolf and Dr. Mabee Serve as Panelists for The National Academies.

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Dr. Berger-Wolf and Dr. Mabee discuss applications of data integration and AI across continental scale biology.

Translating knowledge from small-scale biological research to larger scales is key for the development of a continental scale biology. Dr. Tanya Berger-Wolf and Dr. Paula Mabee recently presented on this principle at "Paving the Way for Continental Scale Biology: Tools and Approaches for Connecting Research Across Scales."  The webinar, hosted by The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, focused on the application of networks, analytical and sampling tools, and data integration approaches to continental scale biology, and challenges that limit their application.  Along with our Imageomics duo expert team, experts from multiple fields, organizations, and sectors spoke at the event and highlighted frontier research efforts demonstrating continental-scale biology.  

This is the second of three public information gathering sessions exploring how biological research at multiple scales can inform the development of a continental scale biology. 

The full webinar recording can be accessed here.