Elizabeth Campolongo

Smiling woman with glasses and long light brown hair standing in front of a bookcase. She is wearing a blue cardigan and white shirt.

Research Data Manager and Technology Coordinator, Imageomics Institute

Pomerene Hall

1760 Neil Ave

Columbus, OH 




Elizabeth earned her Ph.D. in Mathematics from The Ohio State University. Though her mathematical interests are diverse, her dissertation research focused on harmonic analysis and geometric measure theory applied to number theory, specifically to lattice point counting near surfaces with vanishing curvature. She has also worked in topological data analysis (TDA), starting with an internship at the Autonomous Technology Research Center at Wright State University in partnership with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). During her time at OSU, Elizabeth also participated in the Erdős Institute’s Data Science program, completing two team projects, interning with a corporate sponsor, and ultimately serving as a TA and mentor to the latest participants. Through these experiences, Elizabeth has gained a deep knowledge and appreciation for the data lifecycle—from collection, through analysis—and she is eager to use this expertise to help further the mission of the Imageomics Institute.