Meeting Details

woman in a grey suit stands at a podium presenting to a group at the imageomics all-hands meeting
Code of Conduct
Please review the code of conduct for the all-hands meeting
book case with file folders arranged by color.
View Meeting Files
All meeting files from the all-hands meeting can be found on Google Drive and will be available to the community before and after the meeting.
people stand around two presenters discussing a poster with sticky notes they created during a brainstorming session
Research Posters
Please register and upload a digital version of your poster. Please also bring a printed copy to the all-hands meeting.
man stands at the front of a group of imageomics researchers presenting
Presentation Slides
Upload a copy of your presentation for the all-hands meeting.
close up of monthly planner featuring a quote "Today is the perfect day to be happy"
All-hands Agenda
The draft outline of the agenda is now available.